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True peace minutes away from the Quito Airport.


Rest & Relax

Hacienda Jimenita gives you the opportunity to rest and relax in the middle of an ecological reserve near the Quito Airport. Experience the one of a kind archeological Inca tunnel "Jutuc Runa".  Come and delight yourself with the most delicious typical food produced with organic products grown on-site while enjoying the company of hummingbirds. We offer personalized bilingual service, luxurious and comfortable rooms surrounded with nature, wifi internet in all rooms and social areas, shuttle service to the airport, personalized tours, and family atmosphere. This private botanical eco-reserve with over 18 acres will make all your dreams come true. 


The Hacienda

Within the 18 acres of our reserve we have archeological trails dated from the 1400’s, more than 3km of amazing hiking paths, diverse flora and fauna and beautiful views of the volcanoes and valleys of Quito.   

Come enjoy nature, rest in our hammocks and enjoy the weather in one of our many sightseeing spots or delight yourself with high quality meals and a glass of wine in our Cucayo Restaurant.


Personalized Tours


Tell us what you want to do and we'll make it happen. 

 Jimenita is strategically located within minutes of the most beautiful and attractive tourist spots of Quito. 

We understand each of our customers and how valuable their times is thats why we will create the perfect tour for your perfect vacation.



Explore Nature

The hacienda has a PRIVATE BOTANICAL WILDLIFE RESERVE with vast forest of eucalyptus, guaba trees, organic black raspberries, lemons, limes, oranges, figs, tangerines, avocados trees and organic vegetable gardens. Admire the unique native forest in the Chiche Canyon which we care for so dearly. You can also enjoy the company of more than 90 rare species of birds.


Organic Cuisine

We are specialized in providing personalized service and to provide nourishing meals with local specialties and if required preparation of meals with dietary restrictions. We also offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian meals made with produce from our organic gardens from the Hacienda.



The planet’s ecosystems are deteriorating and the climate is changing. Thats why were making the future the cause of our present. We want to give our children the opportunity to live in nature as we did in our early years. Be able to hear the sounds of birds and enjoy their company, to grow and pick their food and to be one with nature. Thats why 5% of all income goes to the sustainable protection of the Pichincha mountainside. We also work with the community to provide them with economic alternatives based on sustainable use of their rich natural heritage, which include advanced training in hospitality, language, organic agriculture, construction, nutrition, water conservation, alternative energies, and much more.


Reserve Your Experience

Welcome to the most relaxing moment of your life.