Home of more than 90 species of birds, Hacienda Jimenita is birdwatching heaven.

We take special care of our winged friends each day so that our guests can enjoy their magical company.

Golden Rumped Euphonia, Blue and White Swallow, Southern Yellow Grosbeak, Blue and Yellow Tanagers, Rufous Collared Sparrow, Sparkling Violetear, American Krestel, Black Flowerpiercer, Black Tailed Trainbearer, Giant Hummingbird, Rufous Naped Brush Finch, Scarlet bellied tanager, White bellied woodstar, Streak throated bush tyrant, Vermellion flycatcher, Western Emerald, Ecuadorian Hillstar (Endemic), Black Breasted Puffleg (Endemic), Green tailed train bearer, Mountain Velvetbreast, Purple backed thombill, Sword billed Hummingbrid, Tyrian Metaltail, Great Sapphirewing and much more to be discovered.