Social Responsibility


Everything is better if we do it together.

The Hacienda Jimenita Wildlife Reserve project believes in the social responsability of preserving nature as a human right. At the moment we are supporting the preservation of 1400 hectares in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and helping 500 families. It also supports a reforestation program in the Pichincha foothills, 50 hectares are getting planted with endemic trees.

All who take part in Hacienda Jimenita consider sustainability – both environmentally and socially – to be one of the most important issues of our time. We know that we can live in perfect harmony with our planet like our ancestors did. Thats why Jimenita has implemented a series of internal policies to make this dream a reality. From water management to carbon emission and more, we have been able to uphold the highest standards on sustainability.

We don't do it to comply with international standards we do it for our children and their future. We want them to have the same opportunity to grow up in the company of hundreds of birds, grow and pick their food, and enjoy breathing clean air. 5% of all income goes to the sustainable protection of the Pichincha mountainside so they too have the chance to enjoy nature.

Social responsibility is also a key element to upkeep the future of our planet. We strive every day to bring a better future to the residents of Pifo. Over the course of the years we have trained hundreds of residents with advanced skills on hospitality, language, organic agriculture, construction, nutrition, water conservation, alternative energies, management, and much more. Our dream is to empower the whole community and build a better future together.