A Place where special memories are made.

Beautiful Antisana, photographed by our guests. Ecological Reserve Antisana.

Beautiful Antisana, photographed by our guests. Ecological Reserve Antisana.

Hacienda´s Jimenita is one of those rare memorable place you will not soon forget, and it will endure the test of time. Some people say that after the wooden front gate is open, you enter to a little piece of heaven where beautiful gardens, hummingbirds among other bird species are eager to welcome you. Other people say that is because of its trail and the fantastic job the owners have done preserving and reintroducing the endemic plants and trees from the area. These are the same people who say they took a nap in the hammocks and woke up surrounded over 90 different species of birds in an 18-acre property.

Then some people say its because of its convenient location, close to the emblematic and alternative tourist destinations that Ecuador has to offer. Other people say it’s because of the peace that they can find in this place, where they are able to rest and relax fully. There are some that say that it feels as if you are staying at the home of a friend who´s got an architecturally amazing house with all the luxuries, where you’ll spend the most amazing days.

Other people say that it is because of the smile of the family that runs it and their staff who provide a unique service experience. We´ve also heard that it doesn’t matter the time you arrived there is always someone with a big smile to welcome you and to greet you like family. Then there’s a rumor about a French bulldog, who loves to greet and guide explorers around the property and to feed the Llamas, causing that even people who are not dog lovers can resist to his charm.

We cannot forget the people who say that is because of the talks they have with the Cruz family, where they get to hear about the history, culture, traditions of the Ecuadorians and the love they have for their country. We have also heard that is because of the Inca tunnel, which is recognized as one of the patrimonial and archaeological sites of Quito, giving this place more character than what already has.

Finally, there are the people that after returning from a trip to Galapagos and being sure they had just experienced the most memorable part of their visit, The Jimenita proved them wrong, and realizing they are in the most memorable part of their journey.

José Toral