Pujili Market - Quilotoa Lake

Full Day Adventure.


For many, no trip to any country in South America is quite complete until they have visited a traditional market where they can barter and trade to their heart’s content. Ecuador is home to a number of great indigenous markets where people from small satellite villages gather together on a regular basis to sell their crafts and trades and to purchase new supplies. Supporting such a market goes a long way to supporting the local economy and helping countless families to survive from year to year. While some markets are very popular with tourists, others are lesser known. Such is the case with the Pujili Market, which has a more authentic feel than certain other markets and has fewer tourists than normal. The Pujili Market takes place at Pujili every Sunday. People from surrounding villages and towns gather at the indigenous market to sell a wonderful variety of traditional trades and crafts. The variety of goods here is beautiful and carefully crafted unlike other markets in Ecuador. After a delicious traditional lunch you will be taken to the Quilotoa Lake, one of the most amazing sights Ecuador has to offer.*

From $300.00 / Per person

*If there is anything else you would like to visit we will personalize this tour for you.