Our Story.


The Hacienda is our dream come true. We are a family operated business with different backgrounds and passions that compliment each other in perfect harmony. We decided to open our doors and let the world come to us!  Our travel experiences helped us to understand other cultures and learn from them, so we created this destination so that others can enjoy in a comfortable environment surrounded by nature. 


Daniel Cruz

Founder of La Jimenita, was born in 1963, in Quito Ecuador. In his early years he studied at the American School of Quito and in 1987 graduated from Central University with a degree in Architecture. In 1989, together with Jimena López, developed “Viejo Estilo Constructora” construction company. They have built and remodelled more than 200 houses in the Ecuadorian countryside. His main hobbies are mountain climbing, hiking and photography. He has also developed several nature conservation and reforestation projects. He is also a naturalist and history guide of our Pre-Inca archaeological site.

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Jimena López

Founder of La Jimenita, was born in 1963 in Ambato Ecuador. In 1987 graduated from Central Univeristy with a degree in Architecture. Later on with Daniel Cruz started their construction business, as founder and CFO, has developed several projects in Ecuador. Now, at La Jimenita she plays a key role with her ability in culinary arts, supervises and performs all the exquisite cuisine. She has trained all the staff and has taken several courses at the Institute of Quito Cuisine. She is also in charge of all the finance department of the Hacienda as our CFO. Her main hobbies are dancing, short hikes and yoga.

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Maya and Fares Fransua

Our two friendly beautiful French bulldogs contribute to La Jimenita Experience and to our family. You’ll enjoy their company in our social areas or in our walks in the trails, they are excellent guiders.

Maya Francisca is 5 year old brindle French bulldog, born in Cali – Colombia. She has a special character and smiles quite a lot. Her daily activity is chaising the Alpacas and Ducks from the Hacienda and she loves to sleep!

Fares Fransua is 6 year old brindle French bulldog, born in Hungary. He loves to guide and walk in the trails and most importantly be surrounded with guests. His main hobby other than frequently walks is to take naps regularly!