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Hacienda Jimenita has been in the family for more than 100 years and was part of Hacienda Olalla from the 1700's. It is registered as a World Heritage Site where several archeological fragments have been found including vessels, obsidian arrows points, weapons, petrified bones, clams, farming tools, among others.

Holger Jara, editor of the Archaeological Atlas of Ecuador, states that "Its importance lies not only in the evidence of archaeological materials scattered everywhere, but in the geological and hydrographic spectacular crash of the Palugo Creek, through a nearly vertical cut of 100 meters (2606 meters) makes its way from east to west until it joins the Ayahuayco Creek and forms the River Chiche, which then flows into the Machangara, major tributary of Guallabamba".

This archaeological site is composed of at least three elements: an underground tunnel that may date back to Inca times, another modern tunnel, which was built in the early twentieth century, and a tunnel that descends several meters by bleachers and platforms to the edge of the gorge, which is of particular importance since in the opposite wall of the gorge, about 230 meters away and a height of nearly 120 meters, you can see the beginning or continuation of the tunnel, the same has an unknown origin.